Business case: Design of the framework for anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing

Organization: Bank of Central Africa States (BEAC)

Sector: central bank

Geography: economic and monetary community of Central Africa

Financing: //


Anti-money laundering (AML)
Counter terrorism financing (CTF)
AML-CTF risk mapping
Transactional profiling methods
Watchlist scan
Declaration of suspicion
Capacity building



In a context marked by terrorism and its complexity on African soil, enhanced by rising concerns on side effect of dirty money for global stability, the Central Bank of Central Africa States continually adjust its control and monitoring framework to meet FCTF requirements. The specificity of operations run by the BEAC through multiple sites in 6 countries adds complexity for the anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing (AML-CTF) framework.


In partnership with Wavestone, COREUM engages to deliver:

  • AML-CTF risk mapping on products, services and third parties;
  • Design of AML-CTF general procedure;
  • Design of case management procedure;
  • Organization of active monitoring and declaration of suspicion;
  • Benchmark of AML-CTF software solutions;
  • Training of teams on transaction screening and profiling.

Risk identified

Officials trained

Countries covered



Good understanding of political and economic ecosystems of the area is key to success, together with deep knowledge of central bank operations .