Business case: Design of crisis management protocols for a green city

Organization: Zenata Development Company (SAZ)

Sector: Urban development

Geography: Morocco

Financing: //


Critical risk management
Stakeholders mapping
Crisis scenarios
Crisis units’ organization
Crisis communication protocols
Capacity building



The Group Caisse de Dépôt et Gestion (CDG Group) is a key player for the development of Morocco, therefore on the front line of territorial development projects with high expectation in risk management. The Zenata Development Company lead the creation of a new eco-city with innovative social and environmental services, constructed in a semi-rural area with industrial risk exposure. This project is also a great vitrine for Morocco to place the country as a leading sustainable development actor in Africa.


Working with risk management team, COREUM engages to deliver:

  • Worthcase scenario design and prioritize;
  • Critical activities description and mapping;
  • Business impacts analysis and recovery time objectives;
  • Alert and activation protocols design;
  • Definition and organization of crisis response units;
  • Training of crisis response units’ team members;
  • Crisis simulation and testing.

Worthcase scenarios

Levels of alert

Staffs trained to respond

Simulations per year

Stakeholders’ expectations mapping is key to anticipate scenarios development and responses.