Prototyping of a crowdfunding platform for social projects

Organization: Smala & co

Sector: Crowdfunding

Geography: Morocco

Financing: Private investment


Platform and process design
Fundraising campaign
Project mentoring
Community management
Public and legal advocacy
Capacity building of project owners



US and Europe have seen crowdfunding gaining popularity, especially for purpose-oriented and innovative projects owners. Crowd-based platforms create a new offer, filling a gap in traditional financial ecosystem. In Africa, diaspora is providing with massive funding, mostly for emergency and remittance, but rarely oriented toward sustainable and impactful projects. To explore the opportunity of crowdfunding platforms to support entrepreneurship in Africa, and advocate for regulatory evolutions, COREUM took part in a consortium to prototype and run pioneer crowdfunding platform in Morocco.


In association a Moroccan start-up studio, COREUM engages to deliver:

  • Technical specification of the crowdfunding platform;
  • Functional design of the processes and internal control;
  • Legal architecture to address regulatory framework;
  • Selection of a supporting software solution;
  • Creation of pedagogical content for project owners;
  • Multimedia promotion of crowdfunding practices;
  • Early adopter’s community management;
  • Public advocacy of the feedback and results of this experimentation.

Projects funded

Dihrams collected

Users engaged

Individual investors

Prototyping crowd-based platform brings in-depth understanding and validation of pro and con toward innovative digital solutions from both beneficiaries, investors and regulators.