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COREUM operate intra-organization training programs. Aligned with your objectives, we build pedagogical materials and select top experts to address your needs. Together we design, adapt, and provide you with tailored training ressources and methods to strenghten you teams on relevant thematic for the future.

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Understanding SDG’s

3 modules:

  • Collective construction and implementation of SDG’s
  • SDGs and corporate responsibility: how to align strategies with sustainable development
  • Going beyond SDGs

Sustainable finance

3 modules:

  • Overview of sustainable finance in Europe and Africa
  • From green bond to ESG investment, the vehicles of sustainable finance
  • Risk management in impact investment, methods and tools to make a difference

Risk management

4 modules:

  • Risk management framework, understanding ISO 31 000 and COSO ERM
  • Risk mapping, a collective analysis of strength and weaknesses
  • Risk management implementation, from risk mapping to risk steering
  • Auditing the risk management function

Internal control

5 modules:

  • Organization of internal control: the challenge of the 3 lines of defence
  • Internal control tools: structural principles and operational samples
  • Operation control: process modelling and control design
  • In second line: how to foster value of permanent control?
  • Running internal audit: tools and methods for detection and analysis

Ethical vigilance

6 modules:

  • Crimes and prejudices, a panorama of financial criminality
  • Implementation of an Anti-fraud program
  • Anti-Corruption, prevention beyond reputation
  • Anti-Money-Laundering, building stability for future
  • Counter Terrorism financing, fighting death with data
  • Beyond compliance, building sustainable value on ethics

Collective intelligence

4 modules:

  • Understanding the principle of collective intelligence
  • Running collective: tools and methods of a facilitator
  • How to run efficient meeting: technics and feedback to foster participation
  • Getting stakeholders around the table: building your ecosystem

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