Risk management

To design, decide and implement strategies, organizations must integrate risk management in their decisional and operational processes. To reach its full potential, we provide with tailored risk management framework, organization, methods and systems that comply both with international standard such as ISO 31 000 or COSO ERM and applying sector’s laws and regulations. Our services cover operational risk management, internal control, compliance, corporate responsibility, business continuity and crisis management.

Sustainable finance

To tackle climate changes, environmental degradation and social tensions, public sector can’t provide with enough financial resources. With the development of sustainable finance practices, banks and other financial institutions must engage to understand and support business models, positive value chains, blended partnerships and generational expectations. To support this transition, we provide consulting resources to help with surveys and benchmarks, ESG risk management methods for monitoring and evaluation, sustainable financial vehicle design, and crowd-based alternative finance solutions.

Impact ecosystems

With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of its Agenda 2030, the United-Nations have defined a common language for development of policies and strategies for all stakeholders to address social, ecological and climatic issues. To build a new resilient and sustainable economy, organizations and networks must face the long-term value of their activities and innovate to transform their assets to bring regenerative and positive impacts. With collective intelligence practices, we provide with services to analyse externalities and stakeholders’ expectations, explore solutions and opportunities with intra/entrepreneurship ecosystems, and widen horizon with prospective workshops.

Collective intelligence

We consider knowledges as common goods. Through our missions, research and daily interactions in Africa or Europe, we facilitate diffusion of best practices, relevant datas, innovative concepts and global training materials. Human capital is key to organizations in order to design impactful strategies, to manage ever-changing risks on their operations, and to transform the business for a better accountability on social, ecological and economic outputs.