Governance and strategic thinking

We put our energies into boosting strategic thinking, exploring horizons and opening the way to innovate and unify ambitions. Our experts and facilitators create collaborative protocols for efficient and federative meetings and board discussions. Your challenges become ours and our ideas become yours. Through governance and strategic thinking services, COREUM empowers visions and missions.

Risk management and performance

We design and implement organization, methods and system to secure the execution of the strategy and maintain a global vision of the performance. With risk mapping and valuation, control optimization, our consultants and technical coaches support each level of the internal control system to deliver confidence in execution and steering of the activities. Through risk management and internal control services, COREUM brings you beyond compliance.

Positive accountability and innovation

We open new roads and explore disrupting territories to enhance the positive impacts of organizations. Fostering ethics and corporate responsibility, our team works with all stakeholders to define and transpose sustainable objectives into new forms of value creation. Our network allows us to develop internal creatives projects completed by open innovations with start-up ecosystems and non-governmental organizations. Through corporate responsibility and innovation services, COREUM values your role in today’s future. 

Empowering and training

Organizational training and capacity building are the key of sustainable development in many companies. The organization need to link training programs to strategic and operational goals, to empower collective and individual capacities. Conducting trainings without focus on specific goals may render them useless. We conduct training programs that onboards participants, and make your team more responsible. With presential and on-line materials we construct collective knowledge management.