We advise decision makers and operational teams from the financial sector. Our expertise took us along central banks, commercial banks, insurance and microfinance institutions in order to facilitate forward thinking. We secure operation through risk management, internal control, audit, fraud prevention, striving against money laundering and terrorism financing, building information system for efficient strategic and operational steering. Facilitating collaboration between business lines and with project owners inside and outside the organization. We foster efficiency and sustainability with workshops and hackathons on alternative and inclusive finance solutions. Our experts partner to financial institutions in defining and implementing new strategies, products and practices that support sustainable development.



Bringing out of the box thinking, we advise corporates in order to boost efficiency and governance, developing corporate culture strengthen by risk steering toward sustainability. In one hand we serve Performing Operating System of the organization, working on process optimization, internal control, audit, digitalization and compliance. On the other, we develop Resiliency Operating System, with transversal teams mapping risks and opportunities, designing innovative solutions through creative workshops, or protecting critical assets and reputation through crisis management and communication.


Public sector

The collaboration and alignment of visions from great number of stakeholders are the key to success for impactful project in the public sector. We work with territorial authorities and states agencies to develop strategies aligned with local context and global challenges, advise to secure transparent and collaborative decision processes, protecting against fraud or corruption. To build together sustainable resiliency for your people, we analyse, design and implement innovative solutions such as alternative currencies or crowd-based budgeting.



With team evolving for more than 15 years in major capital cities in Africa, and a strong network among cooperation and philanthropic centres such as Geneva, Paris or Brussel, we shared experiences with a wide ecosystem. From donors to local partners or beneficiaries in Africa, we adapt our risk management and collective intelligence practices to secure ethics and improve long lasting impacts. We engage with NGO’s, philanthropic foundations and cooperation agencies on workshops design, cross sectorial networking, innovative projects sourcing, due diligence, or monitoring and evaluation of impacts.



Because we are entrepreneurs in Africa, we are convinced that collaboration will take over competition. Together we invest ourselves to support and develop eco-entrepreneurship to address sustainable development goals for the people and natural ecosystem of the continent. Through pro-bono workshops, we are brainstorming together with brilliant project owners. To supercharge early stage projects and impact start-ups, our team works directly with entrepreneurs or as Mentors in African hubs and incubators.