Risk management steering

Aligned with updated version of internal standards ISO 31 000 and COSO ERM, we take your team through process and risks identification, mapping and valuation, definition of controls and indicators for reduction and monitoring, arbitration between treatment options like insurances or outsourcing, and of course collection and analysis of incidents. To align steering with operational context, we advise the board of directors and decision makers to challenge their risk appetite. With tailored methodology, organization, committees and information system, we allow your organization to gain resiliency and performance with best-in-class risk management practices.

Internal control monitoring

With a constant challenge to meet both cost and risk management efficiency, internal control system must be developed with solid defense levels and continuous improvement mechanism. We help management, operation and support team to design their processes and controls, secure reliable results with clear contribution of operation, permanent control and internal audit, and use adapted tools and information system to bring the organization within a proactive posture toward risks. We provide with internal control policy, organizational charter, control repertories, plans and methods in order to improve risk management capacities.

Ethical vigilance and compliance

Regulators and public opinion are leading the dynamic for more transparent and ethic practices in Finance, Business and Politics. Organizations must demonstrate their ability to strive against corruption, money laundering, terrorism financing and other humanitarian and environmental crimes. We design and implement secured and confidential whittle blowing platform, compliant anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing framework, and global ethical vigilance policy leveraging tech and data analysis, peer-to-peer control, and innovative partnerships between civil society, corporates and public actors.

Crisis management and BCP

Crisis has been echoing the past decade with various adjective hiding dramatical negative impacts: humanitarian, ecological, sanitary, social, financial, monetary… In every sector, at every level, organizations must prepare their team to face extreme disturbance in their activities, market or environment. To complete pro-active risk management, we provide with training and advisory on the preparation of specific and reactive crisis units and workflows, and with business continuity workshops to identify critical assets and processes to protect in order to contain regrettable impacts on population, workforce, natural environment, productive investments and reputation.